The Great Passion

Passion2231.jpg Documentary by Jörg Adolph, Germany 2012
Running Time: 144 Min. | Language: German/English
Subtitles: English | Territories: World
Stream: MP4 HD (720) | Price: 3,90 Euro

The most famous village in the world plays „the greatest story ever told“ – and for the first time a filmmaker is really allowed to have a look backstage at the Passion Play of Oberammergau.

German Documentary Awars 2013


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Watch the trailer:

DocCollection 8
Documentary by Jörg Adolph, 144 Min., Germany 2012

From the preparations in 2008 until the last performance in the autumn of 2010, the film puts Christian Stückl at its centre, the passionate and obsessed theatre-maker and director of the play who is facing century old traditions and the challenges of reality in a small contemporary Bavarian village.
THE GREAT PASSION shows what goes on behind the curtains of this great spectacle that oscillates ­between art and commercialism, world and village, God and ­humans.


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