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"How to Make a Book with Steidl"
How to Make a Book with Steidl, 88 Min, GER/ENG with subtitles in ENG + GER
"Casas para todos-Houses for all"
Casas para Todos – Houses for all, 52 Min, Spanish with subtiles in ENG + GER
On/Off The Record, 90 Min., German/English Subtitles
"Mission Control Texas"
Mission Control Texas , 86 Min., English language with subtitles in GER
"Small, Fast and out of Control"
Small, Fast and out of Control , 92 Min., German with Subtiles in ENG
Konstantin Grcic-Design is Work , 54 Min., German/English with Subtitles ENG/GER
Freedom Bus , 91 Min., Arab/German with subtitles in: ENG,GER,ARAB
The Great Passion , 144 Min., German language with subtitles in ENG
The Cinema According to Edgar Reitz , 116 Min., German with engl. Subtitles
"Reborn in Westphalia"
Reborn in Westphalia , 88 Min., German/Tamil with subtitles in ENG,GER,TAMIL
The Art of Argument, 97 Min., German/English with subtitles in GER
Castells, 88 Min., Catalan, Spanish with subtitles in ENG/ES/GER
The Reproduction Crisis , 84 Min, German with subtitles in: EN,ES,POR,FRA,RUS – SOON!