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DocCollection 7

Documentary by Philip Vogt, 82 Min., Germany 2010

ZEF SOKOLI is the Bajraktar of the Dukagjin - "he who holds the flag," who calls his men together with a rifle shot and leads them to war when someone threatens his mountain villages in Northern Albania. He has three sons, and someday he will choose one of them as his successor. It's tradition.
But the sons don't agree on which of them would be the most capable tribal leader. They stand uncertainly between two worlds: the archaic world of the mountains and the modern city down in the valley.
The people still come to the clan chief's stone defense tower in the mountains, seeking his advice and asking him to mediate arguments. Arguments that often end in death here. Zef Sokoli has reconciled hundreds of blood feuds in the last century. But his kingdom is falling apart. The "mountain people" feel the call of the valley.


Running Time: 82 Min.
Language: Albanian
Subtitles: German/English
Audiotracks: Albanian or German Voiceover
Audio Format: Stereo 2.0
Region Code: 0 (all)
Format: Pal, 16:9 (4:3 Letterbox)
Bonus: Interwiew with Philip Vogt
and Max Mönch
FSK: 6

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